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  Knoll Farms celebrates its 25th anniversary on June 23rd   of 2004.

 It has been an amazing adventure to watch its evolution from a weedy alfalfa field to a teeming agro-ecosystem. It has become an organism unto itself with its own rhythm and personality. The growing things and the number of interacting species of animals it sustains-insects, birds, mammals-causes visitors to pause and simply listen to the roar of the place. We'll never understand all of the implications of its ecology but to watch it and feel it and eat its gifts are why we farm.

 In the last 5 years, emergent properties have frequently caused our customers to comment on the distinctive characteristics of our farm's products. Bread baked with the rosemary, the flavor and shelf life of the figs and other fruit, the subtle character of the herbs and flowers keep people raving and passionate.

This dramatic progression is prodding us to change gears and give our entity a new name. We've created a new label and logo under which we will market our products. We have chosen "Tairwį", abstracted from the French terroir, which loosely translates as "the essence of place." The Tairwį label will represent quality and the philosophy some may refer to as "beyond organic," but which we prefer to call organismal or ecological farming. What follows is a description of our current farming practices and our future dreams and expectations. We provide this information to assure our customers that we are steadfast in our commitment to producing healthful and nutritious food while continuing to nurture Knoll Farms.